Best Sledding Hill In Evansville, Indiana

Best Sledding Hill In Evansville, Indiana

sledding in Evansville

Evansville offers a great sledding hill.  Though the area doesn’t usually get a ton of snow, there’s often enough for sledding! Reitz Hill next to Francis Joseph Reitz High School has always been a favorite hill for sledding. A century ago, the hill was renamed, but once upon a time, it was called “Coal Mine Hill.” It looks over downtown and offers a spectacular view of the Ohio River.

It’s one of the safest sledding hills around, because it dumps sleds off into a wide open space. Seriously, Reitz Hill actually seems like it was made just for sledding!

Obviously, this hill isn’t just for sledding though. It’s used all year round. People gather here for high school football games. In the summer, kids can be seen rolling down it! It’s one of the best places to view the fireworks displays. Plus, when the Blue Angels air show takes place, it offers the best views in Evansville!

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