Guess How Many Letters The Santa Claus, Indiana Post Office Gets Each December

Guess How Many Letters The Santa Claus, Indiana Post Office Gets Each December

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Santa Claus, IN

The post office in Santa Claus, Indiana is understandably very busy during the Holiday Season. Every year on the first of December, the Santa Claus, Indiana Post Office even releases a special postmark. This postmark is used to cancel stamps on holiday mail. So, the town is very skilled at maintaining their Christmas presence worldwide. They hold a local contest so that artists can create the postmark. Last Christmas, during 2017, a former Heritage Hills High School student from St. Meinrad was the contest winner.

The small-town post office gets bags full of letters to Santa. The actual number is pretty astronomical for a small town though. The post office actually receives 400,000 pieces of mail each December!

It’s not just Christmas during the Holiday Season in Santa Claus, Indiana though. So, if you don’t like Christmas, don’t move here! Although, if you hate taking down your Christmas decorations, at least you’d never have to worry about your HOA getting upset with you in February or March when your Christmas lights are still on display.

Considering Moving To Santa Claus?

If you’re thinking about moving to Santa Claus, let us help you look around. It’s not for everyone, but it’s absolutely perfect for some!

Think of it. Streets have names like Carol Drive, Candy Cane Lane, and Sleigh Bell Drive. From May to October, over a million tourists visit this town which features the Holiday World amusement park, bringing loads of cash flow to the local economy. Locals who live there love it. They say everyone’s infected with Christmas spirit. The big plus though? A name like Santa Claus, automatically weeds out the Ebenezer Scrooges, and there are no Grinches for miles!

The average home for sale in Santa Claus is priced around $235,000, although there are homes available for a great deal less (and a great deal more).

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