Post House in Downtown Evansville: $40 Million Development Will Offer 144 Living Units

Post House in Downtown Evansville: $40 Million Development Will Offer 144 Living Units

Published On: September 21, 2018|Categories: Evansville, Jasper IN Real Estate|Tags: , |

The Post House in Downtown Evansville will be a $40 million development surrounded by the Old Post Office, the Fifth Third Center and BRU Burger Bar. It will have underground parking and 144 living units. The complex will have two buildings with a grassy area in between them. Plus, the yard will feature a large overhead video screen for community movie nights!

Additionally, Vectren, set to merge with CenterPoint Energy in 2019, will pilot energy efficient technologies in the green living complex. We’ve discussed the Post House before, but now we’re getting more information about what it will be like. It will be very unique for the entire region and will certainly bring new innovation, business opportunities and residents to Evansville.

What’s more, the apartments will be rented out at the typical market rate. It will be ready to go in early 2020! Plus, the previously unused lot will get back onto the tax rolls and begin bringing the city in money again! Officials expect this development to get national attention. So, while most of our clients are interested in buying new homes, this is still an important development that will help the economy of the city in general!

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