Which Utilities Reimburses At Retail Rate For Customers On Net Metering Solar Panel Programs?

Which Utilities Reimburses At Retail Rate For Customers On Net Metering Solar Panel Programs?

Indiana net metering programs for solar energy.

If you live in Indiana and have a solar array system that generates a surplus, net metering programs may still be available through some utility companies. These programs allow customers who put solar panels on their property to get credit applied to their utility bills for the surplus energy that the solar system produces. So, essentially, meters run backwards. This can result in even lower energy bills and sometimes money in your pocket.

According to the State of Indiana, system capacity size has to equal or be less less than one megawatt (MW). The utility companies that still offer reimbursement at retail rates for the time being are: Duke Energy, Indiana Michigan and Power Company (I&M), Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL), Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), and Vectren. So, if you are served by one of these utilities and have a solar system, contact them today to see if you can still get in on their net metering solar program. These programs may not last, as solar enthusiasts may remember from the scramble to install solar systems last year after changes to net metering requirements.

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