What’s That Slimy Red Stuff In That Toilet?!

What’s That Slimy Red Stuff In That Toilet?!

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Let’s say you’re looking at a home that is being sold as-is or after foreclosure. Sometimes, if a home gets water from a well, you’ll see red slimy deposits in a toilet, especially if it’s been sitting for while. These slimy red deposits in the toilet are actually iron bacteria. These stains can be orange, red, yellow or even brown. Sometimes you’ll even see an oil-like sheen on the water.
When iron bacteria is left to sit in the water of a toilet and the well has some iron bacteria in it, you will see this filamentous growth. You could prove it with a simple test of the water. These tests cost under $35. This bacteria isn’t known to cause any disease, though if you see it, it’s a good idea to test the water for other bacteria too. This bacteria can cause stains and create poor tasting water, but it really doesn’t do anything else. Plus, it’s not difficult to treat the well.
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