Do You Know The Common Signs Of Foundation Damage?

Published On: March 7, 2018|Categories: Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Jasper IN Real Estate, Real Estate|

Do you know the signs of a potential problem with a home’s foundation? First, any cracks in the floor or foundation should be examined. Look for fissures in walls. Also, check for broken chimneys. These are all signs that you might consider hiring a foundation expert to come check out the structure. Of course, after a home in built, some settling will happen. Not all cracks are a big deal. Hairline cracks approximately 1/16″ thick are extremely common.

Keep an eye out for horizontal cracks in the concrete block walls or brick exteriors. Those could mean a more serious problem. See, horizontal cracks often mean that the perimeter of the structure is under way too much pressure. Also, if you find a crack at a 45 degree angle, that is a red flag signalling severe foundation movement. Likewise, stair-step cracks in brick exteriors warrant a closer look.

Also, if you find one single vertical crack, get it looked at. That might mean that your foundation is moving upwards. Foundation upheaval, rather than settling can be a sign of under-slab plumbing leaks or worse.

You should also be on the look out for doors that don’t open and close properly. That can also signal a problem in the foundation. Of course, it could just be humidity. But an expert can tell you for sure. Likewise, are counters or cabinets pulling away from the wall? Do you notice gaps around the windows? These could be poor construction, but they can also be foundation damage.

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