Plants Native To Indiana Can Be Perfect For Your Garden

Plants Native To Indiana Can Be Perfect For Your Garden

Plants native to Indiana are well suited for the weather conditions and soil in our area. See, they need less fertilizer, less pesticides, and less water.

When we use plants native to Indiana on our properties, it also helps prevent the spread of invasive plant species. We have native trees, ferns, vines, shrubs, grasses and nectar plants available that make gardening and landscaping easier.

The Indiana Wildlife Federation maintains a helpful index of all our native plants, so check it out! Actually, you can even buy native plant kits directly from them too!

By the same token, the Invasive Species Awareness Coalition of Dubois County (ISAC) helps remove invasive plants from the community ecosystem. Also, ISAC works to inform residents of invasive plants. Some are sold at nurseries right in Indiana. So, it’s helpful to know what to avoid. ISAC even offers workshops for residents.

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