How to Legally Ride a Golf Cart Around Huntingburg, IN

How to Legally Ride a Golf Cart Around Huntingburg, IN

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How to Legally Ride a Golf Cart Around Huntingburg, IN

Did you know that it’s legal to operate a golf cart on the streets of Huntingburg? It’s true, and some of the locals really enjoy it. You can ride a golf cart within the guidelines of the city ordinance on any street within the city limits except State Road 64 and U.S. Highway 231. You are allowed to cross over those highways if you are at a local Huntingburg intersection though.  If you want to drive your golf cart around the city, you will need to follow a few rules.

How to Legally Ride a Golf Cart Around Huntingburg, IN

Huntingburg residents love that they can drive the golf carts on the road to run errands and just tool around the city, according to the Dubois County Herald. The Huntingburg Common Council first started seriously considering the golf cart idea in 2010. Huntingburg isn’t overrun with golf carts in city roads or anything, but some residents do really enjoy driving their golf carts around their neighborhood and uptown on a nice day.

Purchase Liability Insurance

You have to be able to provide Proof of Liability insurance when you apply and you have to have a valid driver’s license.

Make Sure Your Cart Is Equipped

Your golf cart has to be equipped with taillights, headlights, rear stop lights, a rear view mirror, amber flashing lamp for turns, and a “slow-moving” emblem or placard. Oh yeah, and the rules say you also have to have brakes. Though, that should be a no brainer.

Get Your Cart Inspected

Before you can drive your golf cart around Huntingburg legally, you also have to have the cart inspected by an officer from the Huntingburg Police Department. Once you are on the road, you have to follow all traffic laws.

Register The Golf Cart

The registration fee is $20 annually and you will be given a decal that you should affix to the left rear of the golf cart.

If you are loving to Huntingburg or considering moving to this lovely town, you can find all the city’s ordinances online.

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