Historic Newburgh: National Main Street Community

Historic Newburgh: National Main Street Community

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Historic Newburgh - National Main Street Community

If you’re searching for a town in Indiana to put down roots, we’d love to show you some houses for sale in Newburgh.

Historic Downtown Newburgh

Newburgh’s historic downtown has been a National Main Street Community for over three decades. The town has a population of about 3,000 and sits right on the Ohio River. Downtown Newburgh was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the early 1980s, and it’s a genuine historic treasure.

What You’ll Find in Historic Downtown Newburgh

Downtown Newburgh features unique eateries, eclectic boutiques, antique shops and consignment stores. You’ll be immersed in historic charm, but still close to modern conveniences like shopping areas and spas when you’re living in this fabulous community.

Go for a walk or a run along part of the beautiful Ohio River Scenic Byway or spend a weekend exploring the Byway, where you can canoe, explore caves, camp and make the most of the area’s natural beauty.

The Riverfront Walkway Project, the Fortress of Fun Playground, and the Veterans Monument

Over the years, Historic Newburgh, Inc. has helped complete the Riverfront Walkway Project, the Fortress of Fun Playground, the Veterans Monument, the historic Newburgh trolley, and the Lamppost Flower Basket Project. Newburgh features four distinct shopping areas and hosts many events and festivals. Every year, Newburgh hosts the Newburgh Fireworks Celebration, a farmers market, the Wine, Art, & Jazz Festival, Ghost Walks, a Harvest Festival and a Christmas celebration. They’ve worked hard to make Newburgh and the surrounding areas wonderful places to live.

In 1989, the Downtown Newburgh Revitalization Project was completed. This project improved sidewalks, street lights and infrastructure. Historic Newburgh was among the first five Main Street programs in the state. The Main Street program encourages towns to save and restore historic buildings, strengthen independent businesses, and revive the commercial centers of downtown areas.

Are You Moving to Newburgh?

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