What is Indiana’s Affordable Home Program?

What is Indiana’s Affordable Home Program?

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Indiana’s Affordable Home Program funds loans using FHA financing, but it doesn’t help home buyers out with down payment assistance or closing cost assistance. So, home buyers who have saved enough funds to cover their own down payment and closing costs can go after this program. The loan has to meet all FHA financing requirements of course.

To qualify for Indiana’s Affordable Home Program, the homeowner has to be a first-time home buyer. This program can’t be used in combination with other IHCDA programs either. The home buyer’s credit score has to be 660 or greater.

So, with all of these rules, you might be wondering, “What’s the Affordable Home Program good for?” Other Indiana mortgage programs seem better, right?

Well, Affordable Home lets first time home buyers receive an FHA loan at a below market interest rate! This can save bundles of money in monthly mortgage payments. Also, it can help home buyers struggling to meet debt-to-income ratios! For what it’s worth, there is also an exception to the first-time home buyer qualification: If the home is in a target county, you don’t have to be a first-time home buyer.

Also, lenders that participate can only charge a one percent origination fee plus $1,000 in junk fees. This rule stands, even if the seller would pay the fees.

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