Huntingburg Public Library Hosts Animanga Club

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Huntingburg Animanga Club

Huntingburg Public Library hosts an Animanga Club for people of various ages. According to the Dubois County Herald, the recent anime-themed Bingo game included animanga fans ranging from 12 to 31. They competed for dream catchers and sword-shaped pens. Animanga, a pop culture  conjunctive term, combines the words “anime” and “manga.”

Manga comics conform to a style of storytelling developed in Japan in the late 19th century. The style of comic books display a strong influence from earlier Japanese art. In America, anime refers to animation from Japan or in the same style. Characterized by colorful images, vibrant characters and fantasy themes, anime couples with manga easily. Both anime and manga increased in popularity in America over recent decades.

Animanga Club

Library employee 19-year-old Phyllisha Huckelby reportedly started the club. People kept asking for an animanga club. Now, it meets twice a month. In this area, the Jasper Public Library also has an animanga club. It only meets once a month. Jasper Children’s Librarian Lisa McWilliams began that club.

Ages of Animanga Fans

Many elementary school kids get into animanga. Pokemon is often the first exposure among younger children to anime. Pokemon’s popularity is evident by the Jasper Library’s Pokemon Playgroup. Still, most members of Huntingburg’s club really discovered anime and manga when they were in middle or high school, they say. The club members say that anime and manga have better characters and story-lines than typical American cartoons and comics. Animanga fans also seem to continue their interest well into adulthood. So, it doesn’t seem to be a passing phase once someone develops a love for the art.