How To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay On Moving Day

How To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay On Moving Day

Published On: June 13, 2018|Categories: Blog|Tags: , , |

I once helped a friend move and dealt with mosquitoes biting me the whole time. It’s awful to have mosquitoes biting you normally, but when you’re carrying boxes, you can’t even swat them away. Moving is often an all day event that lasts into the evening hours. One tip for making your move less aggravating is to think ahead.

Garlic Spray on You Lawn

I’ve used a product called Mosquito Barrier on my lawn, which was both near a swamp and full of trees. We applied Mosquito Barrier to the lawn, and by the evening, the mosquitoes were absolutely manageable. If you can head out the day before your move and spray your entire lawn, the next day’s move will deliver far less mosquitoes. Even after just one spraying, you will see effects. The effects last about three weeks from my experience.  Mosquitoes absolutely hate garlic. This product is used on school grounds, parks, and by city governments across the nation. I have seen services that also offer this as an all natural option, but calling far in advance may be needed this time of year.

Use Box Fans In High Traffic Areas

Box fans outside actually do help prevent bites. If you have a few box fans, you can set them up strategically. You can have a high powered box fan pointed into the moving truck and another near the doorway you’ll use to enter the home. Not only do the box fans make it too difficult for mosquitoes to fly well, but they blow human scents like sweat and carbon dioxide away from where you actually are. It might seem ridiculous, but this actually works.

Do you have another method that can keep mosquitoes away from your friends and family who graciously agreed to help you move? Let us know!

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