How Do You Dispose Of Waste Tires In Jasper, Indiana?

How Do You Dispose Of Waste Tires In Jasper, Indiana?

Published On: June 16, 2018|Categories: Blog, Dubois County News, Jasper|

Where to drop off old tires, waste tires in Jasper, Indiana

The Jasper Street Department cannot pickup waste tires. So, if you just purchased a new property to find hidden tires around the backyard, you may ask, “How do I dispose of waste tires in Jasper?” According to a recent update by the State of Indiana on June 11th, Dubois County has one entity that has obtained a registration as a waste tire processor.

In Dubois County, only Jasper Salvage on South Clay Street obtained a registration as a waste tire processor. Still, the Dubois County Solid Waste Management District points to this web page though that says waste tire disposal is available for $3 fee at the process center.  The process center is located at 1103 S. 350W in Jasper. Now, for added convenience the process center will stay open late on June 19. They celebrate their Twilight Tuesday and verified on its Facebook page that they will be accepting waste tires on that evening until 6pm. All regular fees apply.

Indiana’s Waste Tire Management Program hopes to develop better ways to dispose of waste tires in Indiana. IDEM specifically wants to implement plans so that waste tires are utilized as a resource rather than just waste. Here’s a map of all solid waste districts in the state.

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