Single-Family Homes vs. Condos in Jasper, IN

Published On: May 27, 2015|Categories: Blog, Jasper|

Single-Family Homes and Condos in Jasper - Andy Welsh Real EstateIf you’re looking at Jasper real estate listings, you’ll find quite a variety in this pretty town. In addition to single-family homes and traditional condos, there are a number of condominium communities with freestanding condos. These free-standing condos are considered by some to be the perfect marriage of white picket fence and worry-free yard maintenance.

Condominiums in Jasper

Most people imagine high-rise city skyscrapers when they think of condominiums, but that’s not necessarily what you’ll find in Jasper. Many of the area’s condominium complexes offer stand-alone homes with private yards.

Single-Family Homes in Jasper

There are myriad single-family homes for sale in this pretty town. In some neighborhoods, you’ll belong to a homeowner’s association; however, there are a number of communities within Jasper that do not have HOAs.

Comparing Jasper Condos to Single-Family Homes

What it really comes down to is the type of ownership you have in your home.

With a condominium, you own the inside walls and everything between them. You’re not responsible for maintaining the outside of the home, including the landscaping, but you will have access to common amenities. Each condominium is different; many have swimming pools, fitness centers and other “perks” that residents are free to enjoy in exchange for homeowners’ association dues.

With a detached, single-family home, you own the inside and outside of the home. You may still belong to a homeowners’ association, which can hold you to certain rules and standards such as the colors you may choose to paint your front door or the types of landscaping you can put into your yard.

Not Sure What’s Right for You?

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