Sellers: Save Money, Sell Faster With A Kitchen Sink Upgrade

Sellers: Save Money, Sell Faster With A Kitchen Sink Upgrade

Published On: January 17, 2018|Categories: Home Sellers, Jasper IN Real Estate|

Jasper real estate farmhouse apron sink

We know just the kitchen upgrade for sellers on a budget: Upgrade the kitchen sink! You don’t have to pay full retail price though. Like-new used sinks and sinks from competitively priced online specialty shops cost less. Yet, they’ll still do the job. The return on the investment is remarkable. Believe us!

Now, the home buyer doesn’t expect a brand new sink, but they also don’t want to see leaky faucets and stain sink basins either. If you’re selling your home, a sparkly, unique kitchen sink sets your home apart.

Remember, don’t pay full retail price for the sink though. You might be able to find a cool sink at Habitat for Humanity. Typically, they sell used sinks for half off retail. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one. Chances are though, you’ll find a typical, slightly used sink at shops like that. Yet, the online market offers sink basins in remarkable shape at a serious discount.

Snag a Spectacular Vintage Sink

Some online specialty stores sell spectacular vintage tub basins. The costs are a bit much to see a return on your investment, so skip over their featured items. Instead, search their stock of kitchen sinks. See, they often slash the prices of items like kitchen sinks to bring buyers in. Their products are so beautiful, it’s hard for consumers to resist the tub basins too. Yet, you can do it! You can ignore the amazing vintage bathtubs and go right to the sinks. You can find high quality kitchen sinks, including the incredibly popular apron farmhouse sinks at closeout prices!

Purchase a Used Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sinks from an Amazon Sale

A new Kraus farmhouse stainless steel that will meet your goal sink retails between $400-$480. It’s a modest investment, but you can avoid even that extra cost! The exact same costs under $300 on Amazon “used.” Amazon usually has slightly used kitchen sinks for nearly 30-60% off. These sinks ship repackaged in excellent condition. Check the seller’s reputation and reviews before you buy, of course.

We’ve found that vendors regularly sell returned items that have never actually been used on an Amazon shop. This is absolutely worth exploring. A sink is a focal point, and yours can be magnificent!


In summary, if you want to stand out, create a focal point in the house. Make something – anything – absolutely amazing for the home buyer. This can even be a kitchen sink. And it doesn’t have to break the bank to see a nice return on your investment!