Pet Permits For The Town Of Newburgh

Pet Permits For The Town Of Newburgh

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Newburgh pet permits

The Town of Newburgh Code of Ordinance §90.35 explains pet permits in Newburgh. Basically, it says that you have to have a pet permit for any pat over three months of age except for small caged birds and fish. So, both dogs and cats (and other animals) require getting a pet permit in the Town of Newburgh.

Permits last for up to one year and expire on the first Tuesday of February. In order to get a pet permit, you have to disclose the following information:

  • Species
  • Breed (if known and applicable)
  • Sex of animal
  • Sterilization status
  • Name of custodial adult
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Proof of vaccination of rabies (for applicable species)

Cats and dogs in Newburgh both have to wear durable tags on their collars

Fees For Newburgh Pet Permits

  • Sterilized dog: $5
  • Sterilized cat: $5
  • Unsterilized dog: $15
  • Unsterilized cat: $15
  • Service animal: $0
  • All other animals: $5

Violations of this ordinance can result in a fine.


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