What to Do With Leaves and Tree Limbs in Huntingburg, IN

What to Do With Leaves and Tree Limbs in Huntingburg, IN

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What to Do With Leaves and Tree Limbs in Huntingburg, IN

If you are planning a move to Huntingburg, Indiana, you’ll want to know about the ins and outs of how the city works – including what to do with leaves and tree limbs when you’re landscaping your new yard.

This issue is exceedingly easy to handle. The city of Huntingburg’s Street Department provides curbside collection of tree limbs and fallen leaves to all residents and retail businesses in the city.

Tree Limb Collection Service

The tree limb pickup service is provided by the city once a month on the fourth Friday of each month. If special circumstances arise like a strong storm, the collection dates are subject to change, because the city residents and city officials prefer well-kept neighborhoods. It’s safer and better for the enhancement of the beauty and charm of this lovely town. The city alerts the local media of any changes to the schedule.

If you want you tree limbs picked up, all you have to do is place them in bundles not higher than five heet and not heavier than 15 pounds at the curbside. Then, you simply call the city’s office before 5:00 p.m. on the day before the scheduled pickup. It’s that easy!

Leaf Collection Service

The leaf pickup service provided by the City of Huntingburg is even simpler. The service runs from around mid-October through early December. Of course, that timeframe may vary depending on when the leaves fall. You just need to leave your leaves raked or blown into a heap at the curb line. Make sure they are away from cars, telephone poles, guide wires, trees and mailboxes and make sure you don’t also throw limbs or trash into the piles.

If you live in the North side of Highway 64, your collection days are Monday and Tuesday each week. If you live on the South side, your collection days are Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is reserved for picking up leaves where needed as determined by the Street Department.