Indiana Lawmakers Seem Ready To Let Carryout Alcohol Stores Sell On Sundays

Indiana Lawmakers Seem Ready To Let Carryout Alcohol Stores Sell On Sundays

Published On: January 28, 2018|Categories: Blog, Dubois County News, Evansville|Tags: , , |

Carryout Alcohol

It seems our Indiana carryout alcohol stores might soon be allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays. Sen. Vaneta Becker from Evansville told Courier & Press that most people surveyed in Evansville, Indiana supported the idea of Sunday alcohol sales.

“I’ve had a lot of input,” Becker said. “A majority of people, at least on my survey this year, were supportive of Sunday sales. … It also came as a recommendation of the Interim Study Committee on alcohol issues, so that also was an impetus to get it going.”

A Senate committee voted 9-0 this month to let carryout alcohol stores from noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays. Sen. Becker expects it to pass in the full Indiana Senate. Indiana House members say they think it will make it through the House too.

“My constituents are ready for the state of Indiana to rid itself of needless regulations, and that includes regulating alcohol on Sundays,” said Rep. Ryan Hatfield from Evansville told Courier & Press. “I think there’s a good chance Sunday sales will pass this year, and it’s time Indiana moved with the rest of the country in getting out of over-regulating the alcohol business, particularly on Sundays.”

Rep. Holli Sullivan from Evansville reportedly said that the Interim Study Committee’s recommendation in favor of Sunday sales should influence the House vote. Meanwhile, Evansville’s Rep. Tom Washburne said that the limited hours represents “a grand compromise.”

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