Dubois County Humane Society Offers Tried-And-True TNR Program For Community Cats

Dubois County Humane Society Offers Tried-And-True TNR Program For Community Cats

Spay or neuter feral cats in Jasper, Indiana.

The only management program proven effective in lowering the numbers of feral cats in a community also happens to be a “no-kill” option. Some municipalities have extremely serious feral cat problems. Thankfully, Dubois County’s humane society offers a smart solution, so the population is manageable. They call them “community cats.” You’ll know a community cat, if you spot a cart with an eartip. The eartip tells animal control, veterinarians, the general public and colony caregivers that that cat has been fixed and vaccinated. A caregiver traps the feral cat in a live trap, takes it to the humane society where the feline is examined, altered, vaccinated and eartipped, and then releases it back to its stomping grounds.

The reason this helps manage populations is that cats are territorial. If you trap and euthanize a feral cat, another will just take its place. If you do “TNR,” which means “trap-neuter-return,” the cat makes sure that no other cats move in on their land. The altered cat is less likely to fight, less likely to spray, and less likely to spread feline diseases. Also, a managed colony’s numbers stay low, as new kittens are less frequent.

So, if you spot an unsocialized cat, the Dubois County Humane Society can help! They request a reasonable $30 donation from caregivers, but won’t turn a cat away if the caregiver can’t afford the TNR expense. TNR surgeries are done the first and third Monday of each month. Call ahead to sign up for this service. Spring is on its way, so if you see a feral cat, this is the perfect time to take advantage of this service!

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