Add A Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier, A Small Luxury Home Buyers Love

Add A Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier, A Small Luxury Home Buyers Love

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Invest in a RO filter as a small luxury home buyers love.

For a relatively inexpensive kitchen upgrade home buyers love, install a reverse osmosis water purification system. RO systems are a small luxury that home buyers love. For between $130-$500, installing an below-the-sink RO water filter can really impress home buyers. While testing for water safety is a given, home buyers know that the minimum standards don’t necessarily meet their preference standards. So, an RO filter might sway a potential buyer to your home over another they’ve been considering.

Make sure you have ample room under the sink before installation. If you are short on cabinet space, finding a different small luxury might be a better idea. Yet, if you have plenty of cabinet space, an RO filter is sure to impress, according to the DIY Network. If you are unsure, ask us whether getting an RO filter might help!

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