The Best Pizza Places in Huntingburg, IN

The Best Pizza Places in Huntingburg, IN

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The Best Pizza Places in Huntingburg, IN

If you are scoping out possible hangouts or places to get the best pizza in Huntingburg, Indiana, you’re in luck. Huntingburg locals, many of whom are our previous clients, have let us know their two favorite pizza places. So, if you want to avoid the chain pizzerias in favor of some great local eats, check out Ron’s Place and The Gaslight Pizza and Grill.

Ron’s Place

Ron’s Place is a local favorite for pizza. It’s also a pub and locals rave about the atmosphere. It’s located right on North Van Buren Street. They even have live entertainment. Residents of Huntingburg tell us that it’s a fun place to dance and play pool. It doesn’t take long to be accepted by the regulars at the bar, they say. Though it’s some residents’ favorite place to hang on on a Friday night, it is also home to some of the best pizza in Huntingburg and surrounding areas.

Ron’s place does deliver pizza, the prices aren’t any higher than the typical chain pizzerias, and the toppings are plentiful. If you’re new to Huntingburg and want to get in with the locals, head up to Ron’s Place. You can have some drinks, meet new friends, and have some awesome pizza.

The Gaslight Pizza & Grill

The Gaslight Pizza & Grill is located on East 4th Street and is one of Huntingburg’s top-rated places to eat. This pizza place has been a local favorite for decades. Everything is made fresh, and you can taste the difference.

It has a really cool atmosphere and the staff is fun. It’s got an old school feel to it and is a great place to meet up with friends. You can also head up to The Gaslight Pizza & Grill to watch the game. The pizza is amazing and just like Ron’s Place, there’s also a great bar!