Bald Eagles At Huntingburg Lake?!

Bald Eagles At Huntingburg Lake?!

Published On: July 2, 2018|Categories: Blog, Dubois County News, Huntingburg|Tags: , |

Allisyn Gillet, a biologist for the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, told the Dubois County Herald that an active bald eagle nest was verified this season at Huntingburg Lake. The population of bald eagles in the state is growing and Dubois County residents can expect to start seeing them more commonly. A bald eagle’s nest was spotted in the Ferdinand State Forest. There are 12 active nests at Patoka. Actually, a bald eagle nest with eaglets was spotted near Jasper on the Patoka River. Now, the Huntingburg Lake nest has an adult sitting on it!

Eight years ago, the state had around 150 active nests, but the number has now doubles. These new eaglets are expected to return to make their own nests within 50 to 100 miles from where they were raised. Eagle nests start around five feet wide and five feet deep, but they continue to get larger.

If you want to help the bald eagle survive in our area, it’s very important to stay away from these nests while the eggs are hatching and when the eaglets are very young. Later in the summer, it’s ok to get a little closer, but federal law requires you to stay 330 feet from a bald eagle’s nest at all times.

Have you seen the Huntingburg Lake bald eagle?! Be sure to let us know! Plus, keep your fingers crossed that someday, we might see bald eagles at Jasper Parklands (opening soon)!

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