Who Do You Call Before You Dig In Dubois County?

Who Do You Call Before You Dig In Dubois County?

Who do you call before you dig in Dubois County to locate underground utility wires? Call 811 before digging in Jasper.

Dubois County residents must call 811 at least a few days before starting any digging project. Even if you’re just planting your own trees and shrubs or putting in a mailbox, you must call 811 before you dig in Dubois County. Calling 811 before you dig if imperative even if you don’t need major excavation services in Dubois County. It’s important for your own protection. Not only does calling the federally designated call number protect your own bodily safety, it can save you from expensive mistakes.

Dubois county residents should call 811 before digging to prevent damaging underground utility lines or pipes. When you call before you dig, all local utilities companies come out and mark the location of buried lines with either flags or paint. That way, you don’t end up cutting off your own or someone else’s, electrical, internet or phone lines.

Don’t worry, the service is free to you! Marking the location is important to prevent dangerous fires, injury and costly consequences. Many utility lines get buried at shallow depths, so any kind of digging project warrants a call to 811.


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