Do You Have A Fiberglass Shower Pan Making Your House Look Bad?

Do You Have A Fiberglass Shower Pan Making Your House Look Bad?

You might have the loveliest house on the market, but if your fiberglass shower pan looks bad, home buyers might see the whole house more negatively. You could replace the shower pan, though that may require a professional. That process may be more involved than you’d like right now. If you are handy, you could always consider repainting your fiberglass shower pan.

How To Spruce Up A Dingy Shower Pan

Assuming good cleaning products proved ineffective, you could always try repainting it. It’s not that complicated of a process. Just make sure to use the proper respiratory protection, eye protection and rubber gloves! Also be sure to open windows and ventilate the area well.

  1.  Remove old caulk around the shower pan. If it won’t come out easily, apply a caulk remover to soften it up. Needle nose pliers or putty knifes can be handy during this process.
  2. Clean the area where you just removed caulk with isopropyl alcohol. Trust us, you will want to use a lint-free cloth!
  3. Sand the surface of the whole pan using 320-grit sandpaper.
  4. Remove the dust with a wet-vac, then get the rest with a tack cloth.
  5. Add only a couple capfuls of muriatic acid to a bucket of warm water.
  6. Use a scrub brush and the mixture of water and muriatic acid to scrub the shower pan down.
  7. Rinse the whole thing down.
  8. Allow to dry completely.
  9. Tape off the shower pan with painter’s tape to protect the area you don’t want painted.
  10. Add epoxy primer to a paint sprayer.
  11. Test the primer. If it sprays evenly, prime the whole pan. If it doesn’t spray evenly, use a little epoxy paint thinner to it and retest. Repeat until it sprays smoothly.
  12. Use a low-pressure setting on the paint sprayer initially. Then, increase the pressure to get complete coverage of the primer. Make slow even movements while spraying about 12 inches from the pan. Be sure to overlap the edges of the strokes.
  13. Let the primer dry completely. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the needed drying time.
  14. Use the same method you used on the primer with an epoxy-based paint.
  15. After at least 72 hours of drying without using the shower at all, remove the painter’s tape.
  16. Add new caulk. Make sure the caulk is for use in showers and comes with a fungicide built in.
  17. Let the caulk dry completely, following the manufacturer’s instructions

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