New Medical Campus In Evansville To Focus On Collaboration Of Three Universities

New Medical Campus In Evansville To Focus On Collaboration Of Three Universities

The first day of fall semester classes at the Multi-Institutional Academic Health Science and Research Center begins in August. Of course, that’s just the working title for the new medical campus in Evansville. Actually, the second working title. Plus, the name is expected to change one more time.

The new campus hosts chosen candidates from the Indiana University and the University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville. The theme? Collaboration among participating universities.

It’s modeled after facilities in other places like those run by Vanderbilt University and Michigan State University. It’s a high-tech campus. Plus, it features a 150-seat auditorium. That auditorium serves all programs and encourages collaboration among the students of the three universities.

It’ll serve 500 students. Yet, it’s still uncertain how man will actually live in downtown Evansville. Still, typically the grad students enjoy the amenities of downtown living like walk-able paths, exercise facilities, and wide choices for enjoying sports, the arts and dining.

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